Learning Portals

In contrast to the traditional mode of learning, Learning Portals offer flexibility to personalization and encourage learning as a continuum. We offer “must-have” Learning Portals that motivate learners and create engaging learning experiences.


In contrast to the traditional mode of learning, Learning Portals offer flexibility to personalization and encourage “learning as a continuum.”

Why should L&D teams invest on Learning Portals?

L&D teams continuously seek approaches that will help learners acquire learning, apply the acquired learning effectively on the job, and be able to perform better. Learning Portals are online learning repositories or gateways that offer varied resources to the learners (through recommended learning paths).

  • They offer a variety of learning resources that could include bite-sized online courses, material to support ILT/VILT sessions, and learning aids or job aids.
  • They are normally designed for a multi-device support, enabling learners to access their learning journey on the go and across devices (spanning across desktops/laptops to tablets/smartphones).
  • They support Social or Collaborative Learning.
How can EI help you leverage Learning Portals for employee training?

We create Learning Portals for employee training, which range from Induction and Onboarding, employee engagement, Sales and Marketing Resource Center, best practices (Project Management), best practices (Corporate Quality mandate), innovation (creating a culture of innovation in an organization), Change Management (for HCM), and Content Curation.

Our Learning Portals offer multi-device support and learning assets in diverse formats. They provide Personalization and Personalized Learning paths with room for exploration, discovery, and avenues to contribute. You can create forums for competition as well as for rewards and recognition.

Our Learning Portals for Employee Training


Host a combination of approaches

Our Portals allow learners to use a combination of immersive and sticky learning approaches like Microlearning, Gamification, and Video Based Learning.


Feature narratives

We create learning pathways and learning journeys for your learners with narratives and themes.


Recommended learning paths

We build recommendations and create Personalized Learning paths to achieve specific learning outcomes.


Pull versus push

Instead of using the “push” based approach associated with LMS, we empower your learners to “pull” learning resources.


Offers Social Learning

Our Portals encourage exploration and contribution by learners and offer a platform for Social or Collaborative Learning.

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