The mobile app for gamified learning.


How can EI help you challenge, learn, and deepen your platform expertise?

QuizBiz is a customizable,quizzing game for mobiles in which learners compete against their teammates to earn higher leaderboard positions. Players get detailed analytics on their performance and receive insights into their knowledge gaps and areas for improvement.

How can EI help you leverage personalized learning paths with QuizBiz?

With unlimited questions and categories, you can use QuizBiz to create custom quizzes for specific audiences. It facilitates memory recall and helps apply business knowledge. The following features further enhance interactive learning:
Fill knowledge and skill gaps
QuizBiz offers you the analytics you need to sharpen your learners’ skills and leverage their strengths.
Build custom quizzes and question banks
Create customized games for your learners and add custom reports and features to meet your learning needs.
Encourage competitive learning
Provide direct feedback on each learner’sperformance, compared to their peers, and spark their drive to excel.
Ensure complete security
We use encrypted and secure communications to protect learner data and keep it safe from outside threats.

What’s new with QuizBiz?

QuizBiz received the silver award at the 2015 E-Learning Awards for innovation. Here are a few more reasons why it is a preferred learning app for organizations around the world:
L&D Case Studies
  • Cloud-based engine for seamless access
  • Multilevel reporting
  • Rapid setup within a week
  • Different modes to control access
  • New themes and skins for a personal touch
  • Unlimited content
  • Personalized look
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Multiple topics

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