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How Can You Use Custom Mobile Learning Solutions To Enhance The Impact Of Your Corporate Training

April 4, 2018 | By Asha Pandey


How Can You Use Custom Mobile Learning Solutions To Enhance The Impact Of Your Corporate Training

While L&D Teams often opt for “off the shelf” online courses to meet a specific corporate training need, many a times the required impact can be elusive. How can this challenge be offset? The answer lies in opting for custom mobile learning solutions for corporate training that precisely address the training need and therefore deliver the required impact.

In this blog, I share the basics of custom mobile learning solutions and how they differ from the off-the-shelf or catalog mobile learning solutions. Additionally, I outline how you can leverage on them to enhance the impact of your training.

Why Is There Such A Buzz On Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning solutions are being deemed as the future of learning and there are several good reasons for this.

  • Mobile learning is learning on-the-go and offers tremendous flexibility to the learners. They can pick up the training on the device of their choice and consume it at the pace that they are comfortable with.
  • As this is available within their workflow, they can access it exactly at the moment of their need.
  • Mobile learning can be used to offer formal training and is particularly useful for Performance Support interventions (or job aids that are designed to help them apply the learning on the job, address a specific challenge or practice so that they can enhance their skills further).

Today, you can use one of the following two approaches to offer mobile learning:

  1. Off-the-shelf or catalog mobile learning solutions: These are offered to be used “as is” and you can pick from a range of topics that are offered in varied formats.
  2. Custom mobile learning solutions: In contrast to the “one size fits all” of the off-the-shelf or catalog mobile learning solutions, the custom mobile learning solutions are designed to meet the specific training needs of an organization.

How Do The Off-The-Shelf Or Catalog Mobile Learning Solutions Fare Against The Custom Mobile Learning Solutions?

The advantages of off-the-shelf or catalog mobile learning solutions are:

  1. They need less time to deploy.
  2. They offer the flexibility to pick and pay as you use.
  3. They address varied training needs and you have wide ranging sources to pick from.

However, they also have certain intrinsic limitations as well. They are designed to address the training needs of heterogeneous learners (often cutting across industry verticals). As a result, they cannot meet the niche or definitive needs of a given organization.

This is precisely where custom mobile learning solutions fit in.

Custom mobile solutions for corporate trainings are designed to address specific training needs and meet the expectations of learners.


  • The custom or personalized learning experience is what today’s learners seek.
  • With dwindling attention spans, limited time and a need to multi-task, today’s learners want highly customized solutions that help them meet their mandate.

Today, custom mobile learning solutions can be used to offer:

  1. Formal training
  2. Performance Support intervention
  3. Social or collaborative learning
  4. Support for blended training

The custom mobile learning solutions in corporate training help learners precisely in the key moments of need that could include:

  1. Learning something for the first time
  2. Deep-dive to gain further proficiency
  3. Practice and move from basic to intermediate or advanced level
  4. Fix a challenge or a problem
  5. Understand the new dynamics when things change

Since they equip the learner in meeting their specific mandate, you will see the following gains:

  • Higher learner engagement
  • Higher completion rates
  • Higher application of the acquired learning on the job


I hope this blog gives you compelling reasons to opt for custom mobile learning solutions (if you aren’t doing so right now).

You can also multiply the impact by leveraging on the current trends of Microlearning, Gamification and other immersive strategies like interactive videos to create custom mobile learning solutions for corporate trainings that will deliver the required impact.

If you have any queries, do contact me at apandey@eidesign.net.

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