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5 Questions Answered – Why you should opt for Mobile learning for corporate training

January 10, 2018 | By Asha Pandey


5 Questions Answered - Why you should opt for Mobile learning for corporate training

Today, most of us cannot think of managing our day without smartphones. Using them for learning is a natural extension. In this blog, I will answer 5 basic questions that may be in your mind as you look at adopting mLearning for the first time or look at expanding its capability for your corporate training.

Q1. What is mLearning?

mLearning or Mobile learning for corporate training is essentially learning on the go or online training that is available to the learners on tablets and smartphones. The training is designed for “multi-device” support wherein it is also available on desktops and laptops giving learner to opt for the device of their choice to learn.

Q2. Why is mLearning adoption gaining momentum?

Take a look at your typical day and see how mobile technology is an integral part of our life. Using mobile devices for learning is an extension to this. With this, the L&D teams can offer the flexibility to the learners to learning on the go and on the device of their choice.

The adoption of mLearning or mobile learning for corporate training is gaining momentum on account of the following:

  • Mobile learning offers flexibility to both learners and business.
  • Mobile learning is the way learners prefer as it supports learning on the go.
  • Mobile learning appeals to a wider spectrum of learners (particularly, millennials in the workforce).
  • Mobile learning provides training in formats that learners normally view and can easily relate to (for instance, Videos based learning). This increases learner engagement and facilitates retention.
  • Mobile learning leverages the current trends in Microlearning and Gamification that makes the training fun, easy to internalise and apply.

Q3. What are the key benefits of mLearning or Mobile Learning?

In contrast to traditional eLearning, the learning offers several significant advantages to both learners as well as business:

  1. Provides flexibility to learners.
  2. Offers higher learner engagement.
  3. Demonstrates better completion rates and higher retention.
  4. Facilitates collaborative learning.
  5. Offers multi-device support.
  6. Adapts to formal training as well as Performance Support (just-in-time learning or job aids).
  7. Facilitates “learning as a continuum”.

Q4. In spite of the flexibility that mLearning or Mobile Learning offers, can it be applied to all corporate training needs?

mLearning can be applied to support all your corporate training needs ranging from:

  1. Formal training.
  2. Performance support.

It can be applied as effectively for:

  1. Collaborative or Social Learning.
  2. Supplementing Instructor Led Training (ILT).

At EI, we have created mLearning solutions for the entire spectrum of training needs including:

  1. Induction and onboarding.
  2. Compliance.
  3. Soft skills.
  4. Behavioural change.
  5. Change management.
  6. Product training.
  7. Application simulations.

Q5. What other approaches can you adopt to increase the impact of your mLearning or Mobile Learning strategy?

To multiply the impact, you can:

  1. Provide a learning path based approach to the learners.
  2. Offer personalised learning (include feedback along with reinforcement or supplement options).
  3. Leverage on the combination of Microlearning and Gamification.
  4. Offer training in varied high impact formats.

I hope this blog addresses the key questions on mLearning or Mobile learning for corporate training. If you have any specific queries, do contact me.

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