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Top 5 Mobile Learning Strategies for Corporate Training

October 3, 2018 | By Asha Pandey


In most organizations’ training deliveries, Mobile Learning is now becoming a vital approach in training. With the help of Mobile Learning, which involves multi-device training, learners can now access information anytime, anywhere on the device of their choice. They can also access the training on desktops or laptops.

Mobile Learning offers learner-centricity as it is easily available to learners, and they can determine the pace and how they would like to consume it. This approach also helps them learn at the moment of their need. This kind of learning is suitable for formal, structured training as well as for performance support intervention.

The key benefits of Mobile Learning based training strategies are that they provide high learner engagement, establish better completion rates and higher retention, encourage social or collaborative learning, facilitate learning as a continuum, and acclimatize well to both Formal Training as well as Performance Support.

The following infographic highlights 5 must-adopt Mobile Learning strategies that should be adopted in corporate training to better enhance learning.




With the implementation of Mobile Learning in corporate training, learners can now access information at the time of their need, develop better completion rates, and engage in social learning or collaborative learning in the organization. Mobile Learning strategies in training thus benefits the learners as well as the organization. These strategies can be used in combination with Microlearning, Gamification, Personalization, and also leverage on Video Based Learning to design high-impact corporate training.

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