Predictive Learnability

The significance of measuring Learnability is well established but achieving this is task is tough. Our unique approach will help you predict, measure, and validate the Learnability of your online courses. Result? You will see an improved training effectiveness and a higher ROI on your training spend.


To create a positive ROI on your training spend, the biggest enabling factor is the learning effectiveness or learnability of online courses. – Asha Pandey

What is Learnability or learning effectiveness of online courses?

Learnability or learning effectiveness is measured by how quickly and proficiently learners can gain the required information, knowledge, or skill. There is an associated aspect that you need to be mindful of, that is, the scope of Learnability. Once this is calculated, we can zero in on the progress from knowledge acquisition to application reflected as performance gain.

We can look at the scope of Learnability evaluation from two standpoints:

  1. Initial Learnability: Initial Learnability applies to the performance over a single, short-term usage period.
  2. Extended Learnability: Extended Learnability applies to the performance change over time.
How can EI help you evaluate the Learnability or learning effectiveness of your trainings?

Only well-crafted courses with the right Learnability can benefit learners to perform better and help organizations meet their goals. Our framework helps you evaluate the Learnability of your existing courses and identify measures to enhance it. You can also predict the Learnability and, more importantly, validate with your learners in real time for new courses.

Our framework enables you to make learning a rewarding experience for learners and deliver insights on how to make learning more personalized and effective. We help you create learning that improves efficiency and predictability in the system and track the progress of performance for a set period using the data and show incremental gain in ROI.

The range of our services includes the creation of parameters for Learnability evaluation and updating parameters based on the actual evaluation. We formulate an implementation approach to gain the predictive and diagnostic measurement of learning efficacy by using the respective parameters and guidelines. We also help you evaluate courses using formative and summative evaluation with actual users.

Highlights of Our Predictive Learnability Framework


Extended Learnability

It enables you to analyze how to address Extended Learnability, which enables better performance for the learner on the program and on the job.


Generate tangible values to improve ROI

It enables you to build a framework on how the Learnability metrics and data collected from users over Extended Learnability can be applied to produce tangible values to improve ROI.


Analytics plug-in

The Analytics plug-in expands the core capability of our framework to meet your needs to predict, measure, and validate the Learnability with users.


Robust framework

Our Analytics component is designed to craft a robust framework to constantly boost learning, performance, and ROI for business. It has a data-driven approach to address user experience-related issues.

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