Looking for the right framework to evaluate, predict,
and measure the learnability of your online courses?

Prediction, Evaluation and Validation of Learnability

It is difficult to validate how your course fared with your users and share the feedback in a manner that you can use to amend your existing learning design. There is a direct impact of learnability on creating a positive ROI on your training budgets. Our robust foundation of Instructional Design offers learning methodologies that not only meet learners’ expectations but also create the required behavioral change the business requires.

We have a unique learnability & learning effectiveness measurement framework that:

  • Provides a predictive methodology to build learning effectiveness and efficacy into training.
  • Generates measurable parameters from factors that affect learnability.
  • Scientifically measures courses to diagnose issues that hamper learner performance.
  • Improves learner-friendliness and retention of learning through detailed analysis to meet the prescribed cognition level.
  • Provides crucial insights for future learning interventions.

Take a look at our unique framework to predict, evaluate, and validate the learnability of your training.

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We’ll help you with our unique, yet practical approach to measure the learnability of online courses.

  • Using our guidelines, we can establish a predictive learnability index.
  • Additionally, we have integrated an analytics component (LRS) within our course development framework that allows us to validate (first hand from learners) how the learning experience actually was.
  • We can then analyze the results and recommend additional measures to create the required impact.
  • We can extend this further to determine the ROI of online training.

You can use our learnability & learning effectiveness measurement for:

  • Existing courses: To determine where they stand on the learnability index. Besides evaluating the courses, we will provide recommendations (mood boards presenting before and after scenarios) and what would be the impact of the new approach.
  • Migration of legacy to HTML5: We will evaluate the legacy course and during migration, rather than just a technology update, we will recommend how the right learnability can be achieved.
  • New course development: Using our learnability guidelines, the new courses can be developed to create the predictive learnability. Furthermore, we can use our enhanced course framework with integrated analytics to validate the impact.

For effective measurement of the learnability & learning effectiveness of your organization’s learning strategy and training delivery, get a free consultation from us.

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