Learner Analytics

With a large remote workforce, analyzing learning patterns to ascertain the impact of training has become highly significant. See how you can use our Learner Analytics Solutions to meet this mandate.


The global education and learning analytics market size was valued at USD 17.01 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.4% from 2019 to 2025. (Grand View Research)

Why is it important to have a Learner Analytics solution?

Globally, organizations spend millions of dollars on training. However, the million-dollar question is whether the training was effective? This is accompanied by two equally important questions—did it create the required impact the business was seeking, and did it create the Return on Investment (ROI) to justify the training spend? While we agree on the need to secure answers to all these questions, the reality is that this task is tough. It is in this context that the usage of Learner Analytics comes to your rescue.

How can EI help you assess the impact of your training programs with Learner Analytics?

You can use our Learner Analytics solutions to validate if the learner interaction with the training was as planned, assess the effectiveness of the training and its impact, and get the pointers necessary to see if positive ROI is being generated.

Through our Learner Analytics, we share insights on the learner’s interaction via SCORM or the Tin Can API. We use the output of the Analytics to compare the assumptions used to create the learning design. After this, we can suggest the next course of action – update the learning design or plan for remediation (for instance, Performance Support Tools) or additional interventions (for instance, Coaching or Mentoring) that will help you meet the mandate.

We can also help you analyze the voluminous data or Big Data that is captured on LMS/LCMS, Portals and Polls/Surveys/Assessments done by learners. All these insights too can be fed back to update the learning design look with measures to provide remediation, reinforcement, and practice to master the skill. More significantly, we can also provide specific or Personalized feedback to the learner.

Our Approaches of Leveraging Learner Analytics to Improve Learning in the Changed Workplace


Actionable insights

We can assist you with our insights to enhance or change the current approach and align better to the goals.


Improved learner results

We can also provide cues on what more can be done to improve learner motivation and engagement as well as what would facilitate a better application of learning.


Continuous improvement

Our Learner Analytics aligns to the key area of “continuous improvement” as well as provides actionable insights to enhance the learning experience. Both will go a long way in positively impacting the ROI.


Creating data analytical portals

We’ll take your raw data and build multi-device compatible data analytical portals to help you analyze patterns.


Structuring your data

Irrespective of which format or source your data comes from, we’ll collate them and establish connects between them.


Interpreting your data

We’ll look at your data from a Learning perspective and provide you with intelligent interpretations of it so you can make decisions accordingly.


Providing you with an interface

We’ll provide and build dashboard to view and generate reports.


Helping you personalize your learning

Our insights on learner behavior will give you cues on learner preferences.

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