Training Impact
and ROI

Assessing the effectiveness of training and its impact on learners and business KPIs is a complex process. Take a look at how we can help you assess the training impact and ROI determination.


Advanced data analytics show that machine-generated data will grow to encompass more than 40% of internet data in 2020. (International Data Corp.)

What are the challenges of measuring training effectiveness and its eventual impact on business?

Workforce development programs are essential in enhancing employee performance and, more significantly, driving business results. A majority of the trainings get delivered as planned and are normally tracked for registrations, completions, timely completions, and assessment scores. However, not much data is available on the impact of these trainings on business – and if they were able to demonstrate a clear gain that was sought. With the right strategies, you can not only measure training effectiveness but also maximize its impact.

How can EI Design help you evaluate the impact of your training on learners and the business?

EI Design can help you in this mandate through a range of unique offerings – starting with how to increase learner motivation and engagement and moving up to training effectiveness and its impact. Using our proprietary methodology, we can help you quantitatively evaluate the effectiveness of your corporate training initiatives and their impact on learners and business KPIs.

Take a pick from our solution portfolio that includes offering Predictive Learnability framework that you can use to create high learner engagement, motivation and sticky learning experiences. See how you can leverage Learner Analytics to enhance your existing learning designs. Additionally, take a consultation on our evaluation model to assess training effectiveness, its impact, as well as determine the ROI.

Want to learn how to measure and maximize the business impact of your corporate training programs?

Download our eBook, “Cracking the Code – How to Measure and Maximize the Business Impact of Your Corporate Training Programs“, for a set of practical cues that can be used to measure and maximize the impact of your employee training programs.

Training Impact and ROI Solutions
ROI Determination

Today, more than ever—there is a need to assess the business impact of trainings. See how we can help you assess the impact of your trainings and enable you to secure a high ROI.


Predictive Learnability

Learning effectiveness has a direct correlation with the stickiness of learning. Find out how you can measure and uplift the learning effectiveness of your courses.


Learner Analytics

Use Learner Analytics to understand your learners’ behavior. Find out how we can help you step up their motivation, engagement, and application of learning on the job.


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