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Top 5 Questions Answered for Content Curation in Learning and Development

November 7, 2018 | By Asha Pandey


With the help of facilities such as the Internet, searching for information has become easier. We get results in a matter of seconds. But, sourcing the right kind of information can be taxing and time-consuming. Organizations are on the lookout to identify the right information they need to use for employee training. To offset this challenge, content curation is one of the approaches that can be used. Implementing this approach can help learners access whatever information they need at any time they want.

There may be a lot of queries associated with the adoption of content curation for learning and development. Here are a series of top 5 questions along with answers that will help bring in some perspective as you begin to adopt content curation to support employee training.


By looking at these 5 questions and answers on the topic of adopting content curation for learning and development, organizations can gain a better understanding of what content curation is, the processes associated with content curation, tips that can help facilitate content curation exercises to support organizational training, how organizations can enhance their existing learning strategy, and the best practices that can help in multiplying the impact of content curation exercises. With this information, organizations can adopt content curation into their learning strategy to significantly improve learning at the workplace.

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