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Strategies to Mitigate Key Challenges in a Compliance Training

April 27, 2018 | By Asha Pandey


Strategies to Mitigate Key Challenges in a Compliance Training

In spite of the significance of the Compliance training, these trainings (more often than not) tend to be boring and prescriptive.

Unlike other trainings that help learners perform better and they are motivated to take them, this is not the case with the Compliance trainings. So, how do we create the motivation for the learners? Increasingly, the Compliance teams are evaluating measures that can help them change this situation by:

  • Making these training interesting and engaging.
  • Ensuring that they are able to see the required behavioral change in their employees.

In this blog, I begin with the key challenges in Compliance training. Then, I outline strategies that you can adopt to mitigate them to meet them.

The result? You will see that the organizational compliance mandate is met in the true sense.


At EI, our Compliance training development practice is 16 years old. In fact, 1 in 6 courses that we build is for the Compliance mandate.

Over the years, we have adopted approaches that have helped our customers including:

  • Creating innovative and immersive learning strategies that create higher engagement for learners.
  • Extending the learning journey through Performance Support Tools (PSTs or learning aids) to help them instill the spirit of “why comply.”

What Are The Typical Challenges In Compliance Training And What More Can Be Done To Offset Them?

The top 3 challenges in Compliance training we have seen are:

  1. Lack of motivation: This can be overcome by creating a buzz/awareness prior to the training rollout.TIP
    We have used teaser videos to share the message about the significance of compliance, create a compelling business case on why the employees should focus and respond correctly.
  2. Passive learning experience: Most Compliance trainings use obvious approaches that do not engage learners or push them to think. From the learner’s perspective, Compliance training is often deemed as a bitter pill they must swallow. This can be offset by usage of active learning techniques (featuring immersive learning approaches).TIP
    We have used immersive learning strategies including Gamification, Games and Interactive video-based approach for successfully presenting scenarios to meet this mandate.
  3. Behavioral change: This is a tall order. However, creating a learning path that extends beyond the formal training and has learning aids that can reinforce the message/present challenges consistently over time will certainly go a long way in generating a required change.TIP
    We have used learning aids (Performance Support Tools or PSTs) in very engaging and high impact formats that are shared on the smartphones. These learning aids are designed to reinforce the primary training.

Our expertise in creating interesting and engaging Compliance solutions includes:

  1. A comprehensive Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based approach.
  2. Immersive and sticky learning strategies that push learners to analyze and act correctly (in line with the Compliance mandate).
  3. Learning aids (Performance Support Tools or PSTs) that provide the required support to reinforce the primary learning and aids the triggering of right action (in a dilemma situation).
  4. Multitiered approach for policies (including awareness messaging, training, and reinforcement). Our solutions include:
    1. eMailers (featuring Infographics).
    2. Posters.
    3. Videos.
    4. Microlearning-based interactive learning.


I hope this blog gives you the inspiration plus insights on how you can create compelling and immersive learning strategies for your Compliance mandate. If you have any queries, do contact me at apandey@eidesign.net.

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