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January 3, 2017 | By Asha Pandey


The mandate

It’s time you made life a lot more exciting for your portal users as well as admins, giving them greater control to manage those users. With the world swiping its way to mobile and multi-device technology, you’ve got to go responsive.

What we bring to the table

How we can help you

We’ll help you switch gears and leave your less effective LMSes behind. Our responsive portal solutions have twofold benefits:

For Learners

  • Giving them the flexibility to access the portal on the device of their choice
  • Enhancing their learning journey with Social Learning elements
  • Providing a much better user experience

For Admins

  • Providing them with an improved administrative experience enabling better integration to other systems and platforms
  • Helping them manage users with ease, send them notifications and so on
  • Offering them the flexibility to make changes to the course structure, content and so on without any fuss
  • Providing them with greater flexibility to connect with an increasingly virtual workforce

Want to see how we do it? Take a look at this responsive portal solution we’ve built:

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