Building experiences for Millennials

Your challenge

The learner audience isn’t the same it used to be. Millennials are making their presence felt in organisational workforces and it’s only going to get stronger. You’ve got to think the way they think and adopt approaches that resonate with them.

Their traits

Tech savvy

Can’t live without smartphones, internet and social media

Short attention spans

Get easily distracted

Strong multi-tasking ability


Need constant feedback

Need recognition, attention and personal care

Need flexibility

Emotionally aware

Want more freedom, less pressure and platforms to express creativity

Need a clear and definitive goal and outcome

Prefer learning through hands-on experiences

Are interested only in relevant information

Love working with groups and collaborating with peers

Like exploring information

How we can help you

We’ve got solutions to help you train your millennial workforce their way. These include:

Responsive mLearning or Mobile Learning

Give them the flexibility to learn on the device of their choice


Snackable bites to help them learn on-the-go

Social Learning

Leverage on their social media addiction and facilitate collaborative learning and knowledge sharing with peers and experts


Engage them, motivate them and make the most of the competitive Gaming spirit that they’ve grown up with


Did we mention 72% of them turn to videos when they want to know something?

A learning path-based approach

Design a journey that helps them learn, practice and take remediation as required

Wearable tech-based learning

Capitalise on their desire to interact with their device at all times and leverage on their penchant for fashion

Content curation

Get the best out of their hunger to explore information and provide them the freedom to express and contribute

Personalisation of learning

Design learning approaches with a touch of personalisation to bring about greater involvement

Easy access

Make useful content available anywhere anytime

Out-of-the-box approaches

Design content to appeal to this generation using modern, outside of the normal trends

Take a look at some of our Millennial-centric solutions:

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