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Infographic on Top 9 Formats of Performance Support Tools

December 5, 2018 | By Asha Pandey


Performance Support Tools or PSTs are known to effectively bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and knowledge application. Also, with the rise of the millennial workforce, Performance Support Tools are now the main focus in enhancing employee performance and bringing in a positive ROI on training. They can be used as a supplement to formal training and impact employee performance to a whole new level.

Due to changing learner demographics, organizations find it hard to offer the right solutions. This is where Performance Support Solutions, which can be offered in a variety of ways, come in. Organizations are ready to adopt these informal learning strategies into their training and make use of PSTs with its wide range of solutions. PSTs comprise various formats and tools that can be used to offer just-in-time learning to assist employees with on-the-job support or to bring in the required agility for corporate trainings.

The following are 9 formats that organizations can use to boost their formal trainings:

Infographic on Top 9 Formats of Performance Support Tools

By making use of Performance Support Tools, organizations can increase the speed of the learning process and its eventual application on the job. PSTs are highly flexible for organizations to use in the sense that they can be used in combination with various other learning strategies, such as Gamification and Learning Portals, providing a wholesome experience to the learner. They can ensure a sticky learning experience for learners with the combination of Microlearning based strategies or couple them with platforms for Social Learning.

With the help of technology, PSTs can be also integrated into the learners’ workflow, fostering learning as a continuum and improving workforce performance. Because of the ease of access of PSTs (anytime, anywhere learning), learners are more drawn toward this strategy. The variety of engaging formats also appeal to the learners as there are different learner profiles and one type of strategy does not fit all.

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