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EI’s Updates on Its Progress on Quality Certification

April 13, 2015 | By Asha Pandey


(Bangalore, Karnataka, India, January 14, 2015)
Originally, EI (https://www.eidesign.net//) began the process of securing quality certification (CMMI L3 for development) in June 2014,and the finish line is within the company’s sights. EI’s current goal is to achieve certification by September 2015 and according to Asha Pandey, EI’s founder and CMD, the company is right on target to meet that deadline. “Over the last six months, we have rationalised the processes and templates and now have engaged a consultant (Marathon QI Consultants) to assist us in the process of pre-audit preparation and eventual certification”, says Asha.

The company is proud of this monumental leap, which will help it stand apart from its counterparts in the learning solutions industry. “This achievement will be a major accomplishment and we will be amongst the few learning solution provider companies to have this distinction. This will further aid us in growing our business to the next level”, explains Asha.

Reaching for and subsequently chasing down this certification with such drive and focus has turned into an opportunity for process improvement, essentially allowing the company to vet itself for weaknesses or areas where practices can be improved – and they have been improved by it. The company feels that this overall experience has allowed it to better diagnose opportunities and challenges, hone design processes, tools and practices, develop capabilities, skills and mindsets and drive continuous change within the company and its operations.

Most companies utilise CMMI to improve generalised areas, like a project or a division but EI is using CMMI to make deep internal changes, those that can be seen at the individual level. This is an important facet for the company, which believes in not only having unique and comprehensive learning solutions but a unique and skilled team to back it up.

With a world-wide reach, EI’s customers can be found just about anywhere and the company is dedicated to its customers and learners in a way that few companies can match. With a program that is designed to be user friendly, regardless of a learner’s skill level and with such a program being available and compatible within multiple countries, it’s no wonder that it not only wants but actually requires a team of professionals that are utilising a CMMI certification at their core.

Asha and her entire team are thrilled about the September 2015 certification goal and have a busy year ahead of them in the meantime as they roll out their many InSight learning modules throughout 2015 and into 2016. With our on-the-go world, which is largely lived online, EI is poised to make a major impact in the world of learning solutions and 2015 should speak volumes about what the company can do and will do in the future.

Asha sees a great benefit in the effort EI has put toward achieving certification and that benefit has been momentum. She feels that this momentum is not only sustainable but will also help the company focus more intently on continuously improving itself and its products.
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About EI
EI began in February 2002 as a small team of three and has come a long way since. The company is now capable of generating over 500 online learning hours in a year. The company’s employees have been the core of its success throughout the years and are experienced, passionate and committed to providing the best solutions to exceed the customers’ expectations every time.

Team EI’s positive and dynamic energy has proven to be contagious and attractive. Many of the company’s business relationships have continued through the decade and developed at every turn. This success in building unique learning solutions has led to the company’s consistent profitability throughout its existence.