Video Based Learning

Videos are a proven high-impact medium for Formal and Informal Training. Take a look at how we use them to create sticky learning experiences for higher recall, performance support, and application of the learning.


41% of individuals identified interactive video as the most effective technique in tailoring learning content. (Brightwave)

What is Video Based Learning?

Videos are an effective learning tool in the hybrid workplace and have proven useful for Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) and training in a Blended mode too. Video Based Learning not only helps in cognitive load reduction, but it also grab viewer attention and add to learner engagement. Unlike text or infographics, video based learning content can help express multifaceted aspects of a topic, and that creates a compelling watch and a more engaging learning experience. Compared to still graphics, audio, or text, video based learning also creates higher recall and retention to a captive and attentive audience.

What is the value that Video Based Learning brings to the learners?

Present-day learners are very particular about how they want to learn. They are easily distracted and face the challenge of multi-tasking, and they certainly don’t want to invest a large chunk of time for training. They want the training to be flexible, on the go (Mobile Learning), focused, and bite-sized learning that helps them learn or solve a problem (Microlearning) and is delivered in engaging and immersive formats that help them learn, practice, or handle a challenge. Video Based Learning offers a great way to create immersive learning experiences while leveraging mLearning and Microlearning that learners love.

What are the benefits of Video Based Learning strategy?

While using videos for training is an established practice, it is in the recent past that they have come to the forefront. This acceleration to adapt videos as a core component of a learning strategy is on account of remote learning due to the pandemic and the wider adoption of mLearning and Microlearning based training.

The benefits of a Video Based Learning strategy are as follows:

  1. Videos appeal to the multi-generational workforce.
  2. They offer a high engagement quotient.
  3. Videos can create impact at a cognitive level.
  4. Rapid development of videos enables an effective yet cheaper and quicker roll out.
  5. Videos can be used to supplement most of the corporate training needs.
  6. When offered as a part of learning paths featuring Microlearning nuggets, videos can be used for Formal Training as well as for Performance Support.
  7. They can be used extensively to support ILT/VILT sessions.
  8. They can be used to promote Social Learning.
  9. They foster thought change and also facilitate behavior change.

How can EI help you leverage Video Based Learning for your training programs?

We can help you leverage Video Based Learning to fix a specific gap in the learner’s proficiency and address a specific need—ranging from learning a process, a new concept, practicing, solving a problem, picking up a tip, or a learning summary. We can also help you ensure that learners enhance their skills (notably, decision making and critical thinking), apply their acquired learning on the job, and trigger a behavioral change.

We can craft Video Based Learning to address the complete spectrum of your corporate training needs – spanning across online Formal Training that can be consumed “on the go.” We can use them as just-in-time learning aids for Informal Learning as well as Social Learning. We can leverage them to support VILT–Pre-workshop, During, and Post-Workshop.

Besides learning, we also design engaging videos for your key or strategic corporate initiatives, including creating awareness, supporting change management (pre and post), and establishing an on-going connect with the learners (even after the completion of the training).

Our 10 Video Based Learning Solutions that Deliver High-impact Training


Address corporate training needs

We design engaging videos to address your online Formal Training to support VILT as instant or just-in-time learning aids for Informal Learning and Social Learning.


Leverage videos for corporate initiatives

We help you leverage videos for your key or strategic corporate initiatives – creating awareness, supporting change management, and establishing an on-going connection with learners.


Offer Microlearning Videos

We create short, focused Microlearning Videos to supplement your Formal Training or as just-in-time or instant job aids. These are great for Social Learning as well.


Opt for Interactive Video

Through our Interactive Video framework, you can make longer videos (that can address more complex concepts)–interactive and branching. You can use them to create highly engaging and immersive learning experiences.


Use branching videos

We create videos to help you with goals like decision making, analysis, or critical thinking by using branching videos.


Integrate User-Generated Content

One of the techniques that we recommend is an environment of inclusive learning to integrate User-Generated Content. On similar lines, crowd-sourced videos can form an important format of this strategy.


Integrate public domain videos and user-generated videos

Our Interactive Video Framework can also be used to integrate public domain videos and user-generated videos to create highly immersive learning experiences.


Combine 360-degree videos with Virtual Reality

We combine the power of 360-degree videos with Virtual Reality (VR) to create highly immersive learning experiences. We can also add Gamification elements and Scenarios to the learning path.


Conduct Personalized trainings

To offer the learners the flexibility to personalize a learning path (comprising of videos), we make them searchable. This helps learners pick exactly what they want or what they need.


Social Learning with videos

We provide an option to rate and recommend the videos. You can meet the requisite L&D mandate through this simple feature.

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