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How Can You Use Personalized eLearning to Drive Employee Performance and Achieve Higher ROI

November 20, 2019 | By Asha Pandey


The need to improve Learning and Development is higher than ever today. L&D teams need to opt for learning strategies that can provide learning experiences to help employees upskill or reskill quickly and effectively.


But this is not enough – To stay ahead of competition, they also need to adopt measures that can foster a culture of learning (or learning as a continuum) so that they can sustain the momentum.


How can personalized learning add value?


Personalization of training is one of the measures that can be used to provide a customized and a highly relevant employee learning experience. It enables L&D teams to align the learners to business goals and upskill or reskill them far more effectively as compared to generic training.


The strength of personalized learning for employee development lies in its ability to offer learners:
  • A custom or tailored approach that matches their interests, readiness levels, strengths, current proficiency levels, and addresses their future needs.
  • Ownership and control of their learning journey. This leads to higher interest, better engagement, and the urge to proactively pull learning resources.



Personalized learning can be applied to meet the employee training needs at various levels: 


  1. At the moment of need (just-in-time learning aids or Performance Support intervention).
  2. To practice and hone skills to manage the current job better.
  3. Developing specific skills that align to the business goals.
  4. New skills or skills to grow in the organization.
  5. Leadership skills.


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