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Futureproof Your Training with EI

December 22, 2020 | By Asha Pandey


Organizations are finding it challenging to catch up with the new standards of learning brought in by the pandemic. Learner requirements have advanced, and their current need is to have access to knowledge and information instantly and on the device of their choice. A majority of learning is still very event-based, without adequate follow-ups, opportunities to apply knowledge, or reinforcement. This leaves organizations unequipped, not only to sustain the dynamically changing challenges of today but also to make sure that their employees have the skills and expertise required for the future.

With a briskly changing learning landscape, the training design and delivery approach must match how today’s learners want to acquire learning. EI collaborates with L&D teams so that they realign their present strategies to sustain this mandate by way of solutions that match modern learner needs, meet the business expectations, and create a high ROI.

EI has spent practically two decades working in partnership with customers to guarantee that their investments in training convey business results. This experience puts us in a distinctive standpoint to design and implement a learning strategy that is linked to an organization’s business goals and grounded on their organizational culture, demographics, and preparedness. More significantly, this experience has taught us what works and what doesn’t — permitting it to pledge success.

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