“In contrast to the traditional mode of learning, Learning Portals offer flexibility to personalization and encourage “learning as a continuum.”

Learning Portals

The Learning portals were initially conceptualized for certain key programs that needed a different degree of engagement for the learners (in contrast to traditional LMS platforms). Today, they can be designed as stand-alone platforms or to co-exist with the LMS.

They are learner-centric and provide a higher degree of control to the learners. The reason for their popularity is the niche and definitive need they are often designed for. They typically feature a learning path (featuring resources in different formats) and features of collaboration (extending to curation). Most offer a highly personalized path to the learners.

More significantly, they capture learner analytics at levels that traditional LMS do not. Similar to next-gen LMSs, this data can provide valuable insights on how learners are interacting with the eLearning courses, how are they consuming content, and can also provide insights on learning effectiveness (leading to the required performance gain).

Learning Portals in your employee training are a must-have to gain the momentum you require. You can use them for both Formal and Informal Learning. With more than 1900 hours of Mobile Learning expertise, EI Design provides the best practices that can help you establish high-impact Learning Portals for employee trainings that actually work.

We offer:

  • Expertise in creating responsive portals compatible with all platforms and devices.
  • Customization of the presentation of content in the portals.
  • A robust and customizable HTML5 framework.

Check out our Demo on Learning Portals for a better perspective.

Demo on Making Your Employee Training More Engaging Through Learning Portals

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How we can help you

We’ll help you switch gears and leave your less effective LMSes behind. Our responsive portal solutions have twofold benefits:

For Learners

  • Giving them the flexibility to access the portal on the device of their choice.
  • Enhancing their learning journey with Social Learning elements.
  • Providing a much better user experience.

For Admins

  • Providing them with an improved administrative experience enabling better integration to other systems and platforms.
  • Helping them manage users with ease, send them notifications and so on.
  • Offering them the flexibility to make changes to the course structure, content and so on without any fuss.
  • Providing them with greater flexibility to connect with an increasingly virtual workforce.

To transform your training programs with the usage of Learning Portals, get a free consultation from us.

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