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Online courses on Generic Compliance

January 3, 2017 | By Asha Pandey


About InSight – Compliance Simplified

“InSight – Compliance Simplified” is EI’s ProductLine of 10 off-the-shelf modules on Compliance that:

  • Provide the best practices for employees in corporate compliance
  • Instils the spirit of “why comply” in your employees
  • Captures the essence of EI’s strong decade-old Compliance expertise
  • Can be customised to your organisation’s branding and requirements
  • Is multi-device compatible and deployable on any LMS
  • Can be localised in the language of your choice (in over 26 languages within a week)

What it offers

  • Insights for employees on a range of Compliance subjects, including:
    • Code of Conduct
    • Financial Integrity
    • Combating Bribery in Business
    • Competition Law
    • Healthy and Safe Work Environment
    • Conflicts of Interest in the Workplace
    • Respect in the Workplace
    • Whistleblowing and Acting in Good Faith
    • Protecting Company Assets
    • Best Practices in Data Protection
  • A mix of scenarios, storytorials (story-based approaches), Interactive videos and Gamification to make dos and don’ts exciting
  • Theory supplemented by examples and case studies that enable easy application of learning
  • Interactive knowledge checks to test application level cognition
  • Strategies, tips and best practices that can be readily applied at work

Where you can buy these modules

You can buy these modules:

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