Storytorials/Scenario-based Learning/Branching Simulations

Your challenge

Bombarding your learners with facts may not work all the time. Sometimes it takes a bit of fiction to bring about conviction. Besides, your employees are bound to find themselves at crossroads at some point in time and you need to equip them with capabilities to deal with complex situations. You’ve got to get them to weigh their options, evaluate the right choices, make the right decisions and find their way out of the maze.

What we bring to the table

  • Expertise in combining the power of storytelling with the science of Instructional Design
  • Complex branching scenarios – With multiple learning paths and multiple decision points
  • Visual indicators – To indicate how learners are faring with their decisions
  • Real-life simulations – That nudge learners to apply the knowledge
  • Learning in a controlled environment – To help learners learn from their mistakes and re-look at their decisions
  • Learner engagement with a 3C model –
    • Challenge – Presenting the learners with a problem/scenario
    • Choices – Asking them to choose a response to the problem
    • Consequences – Taking the scenario forward and branching through the learning path based on the learners’ response
  • Expertise in creating Story/Scenario-based learning for varied training needs, including:
    • Compliance
    • Soft skills
    • Behavioural change
    • Professional Skills
    • Product training
    • Sales training

How we can help you

We’ll create amazing scenario-based learning experiences for your learners by:

  • Presenting them with a scenario/problem that they must work through to achieve their goals
  • Bringing into play cognitive as well as emotional elements for further engagement
  • Placing them in real-life like situations
  • Giving them a sense of how their decisions impact them/their co-workers
  • Analysing the needs of the learners, mapping them to the business objectives and suggesting scenario approaches like character based simulations, animations with exercises and so on

What else?

We’ll help you engage your learners with branching simulations that:

  • Are responsive and multi-device compatible
  • Are SCORM-compliant
  • Test the application and analytical skills of learners

Want to see how it works? Take a look at this nugget of ours featuring branching scenarios:

  • Scenario Based Learning
  • Scenario Based Training
  • Scenario Based elearning

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