The average employee only has time to devote
1% of their work week to professional development.

(Research by Deloitte)

Microlearning Videos

Now, it is the combination of Microlearning and videos that is being talked about to become an integral part of any learning strategy. Its versatility enables its usage for both Formal Training and Performance Support intervention.

With EI Design’s expertise, we can help you design your Microlearning Videos to be:

  • A standalone nugget that offers a specific learning takeaway.
  • A part of a longer learning path.

Take a look at these 5 examples on how you can use Microlearning Videos in your training.

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We can help you implement Microlearning Videos into your courses for the following reasons:

  • Given an option, learners would prefer to watch a more compelling visual format like a video rather than read text.
  • From a learning standpoint, videos are a great approach to create narratives that are easily relatable to the learners.
  • Compared to other media, the usage of Video Based Learning shows higher recall and retention. Thereby, they create a more engaging and sticky learning experience.
  • Furthermore, the combination of Microlearning and videos provides learners with just-in-time learning that can be part of a bigger learning path and can be consumed in shorter bites.
  • Alternatively, Microlearning Videos can be used to offer a short learning aid that helps them exactly at the moment of their need.

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