Microlearning Videos

What Are Microlearning Videos?

As the name suggests, Microlearning Videos are short, focused videos that are designed to meet a specific learning outcome.

Microlearning Videos can be designed to be:

  1. A standalone nugget that offers a specific learning takeaway.
  2. A part of a longer learning path.

Why Should You Invest in Microlearning Videos?

As we know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Given an option, the learners would prefer to watch a more compelling visual format like a video rather than read text.
  • From a learning standpoint, the videos are a great approach to create narratives that are easily relatable to the learners.
  • Compared to other media, the usage of Video Based Learning shows higher recall and retention. Thereby, they create a more engaging and sticky learning experience.
  • Furthermore, the combination of Microlearning and videos provides learners with just-in-time learning that can be part of a bigger learning path and can be consumed in shorter bites.
  • Alternatively, Microlearning Videos can be used to offer a short learning aid that helps them exactly at the moment of their need.

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