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Leveraging Technology To Create Transformational Learning Experiences

June 21, 2023 | By Matt Pittman


Leveraging Technology To Create Transformational Learning Experiences

Technology-enabled learning is not new. In fact, I’ve been around long enough to know what both an Overhead projector and an acetate are.

Technology certainly has moved beyond the days of overheads and even PowerPoint slides at this point. The question is: With all the new technology available to deliver training today, how do we leverage what’s best to ensure we are achieving the business results we are after? Brandon Hall Group™ Platinum Preferred Provider EI Powered by MPS specializes in helping businesses answer this question.

The best training hits the sweet spot between a positive learner experience, improved knowledge or skill, and improved performance. Truly transformational learning leaves employees changed for the better and able to recall and use what was taught. Can you recall some of the best training you’ve personally experienced? Can you see how it includes all three characteristics?

Let’s break this down.

What are the elements of a positive learner experience? The learning has to be fun, interesting and elicit some level of emotional connection to the content and to fellow learners. Technology such as immersive AR and VR environments, social learning tools such as discussion boards, leader boards and real-time collaboration tools can all help create the conditions for a memorable learning experience.

To improve knowledge or skill, training has to follow sound learning design principles and there has to be activity that verifies and validates that learners are taking in the information. Leveraging assessment platform technology supports this effort. Well-designed assessment experiences, simulated interactions and real-time feedback from the technology all help to ensure knowledge transfer.

Ultimately, the goal of any training is to drive improved performance. AI-powered Immersive technologies that simulate real-world environments and scenarios prepare your learners to perform as expected. These simulations can be anything from technical problems to soft-skills conversation simulations. Technology-enabled performance support tools that are available when and where workers need it to perform effectively can have a huge impact on goal attainment.

The best place to start is where you are. Where can you most easily add technology to elevate your learner experience, improve knowledge retention or support effective performance? Knowing the answer to that question will help you determine priorities. You can then focus your energy and resources on adding the technology that will transform learning in our organization.

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