Learning Culture


Continuous learning is the only antidote to quickly evolving economic and technological disruptions. The strategies and insights presented here will help you gain the requisite knowledge on learning culture transformation in the new workplace dynamics.


You will learn how to lead learning culture transformation in your organization and how to design learning programs that drive engagement, build a growth mindset, and develop a culture of lifelong learning.


We have thoughtfully curated our top resources on building a learning culture and driving continuous learning here. The insights shared will help you kickstart learning culture transformation and build a learning organization.

What is learning culture transformation?

Every organization has a learning culture defined by how the employees and leaders within the company learn. The learning culture may or may not be recognized by the organization, but it exists.

Learning culture transformation is a shift towards continuous learning that takes place organization-wide. To drive learning culture transformation, we must start by helping employees adopt a growth mindset, build learning habits, and become lifelong learners by engaging them and providing continuous learning opportunities.

What is the significance of learning culture transformation in the new work world?

Continuous learning and development facilitate the ongoing development of skills and capabilities, enabling employees and employers to keep up with, and perhaps even lead, the changing workplace.

Employees benefit from continuous learning and development as they keep their skills sharp, develop new skills, and prepare for their next role. Learning engages employee creativity, sparking innovation in processes and products

Employers benefit from continuous learning and development as they build a highly skilled, engaged, and productive workforce. Upskilling and reskilling employees helps employers stay ahead of their competition. Innovation thrives in an environment of learning.

What must L&D teams do to drive learning culture transformation?

To achieve the mandate of continuous learning, employees must see value in the trainings. With so many from the workforce working and learning remotely today, learning dynamics have changed. The usual adage of “Build it and they will learn” just doesn’t cut it anymore. They expect to be provided great learner experience as well as exceptional learning experiences.

L&D teams play a critical role in providing a holistic, learner-centric approach for creating continuous learning opportunities. To drive learning culture transformation, L&D teams must first help employees adopt a mindset for growth and learning. They must also help the learners build healthy learning habits and facilitate continuous learning by providing:

  • Engaging learning content by leveraging immersive learning and experiential learning strategies.
  • Anytime, anywhere learning, available on demand and within their workflow.
  • Social and collaborative learning.
  • Self-directed learning.

Driving Business Performance by Building a Learning Culture

L&D is critical for the survival and growth of an organization and it must improve business performance. The resources shared below will help you create a learning culture that drives business performance.

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Strategies to Drive Continuous Learning

Organizations that build lifelong learners are more successful, profitable, and anti-fragile in the face of today’s volatile business environment. Here are our top resources to help you drive continuous learning in your organization.

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