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EI Outlines Competency Lab Initiative

April 13, 2015 | By Asha Pandey


(Bangalore, Karnataka, India, March 10, 2015)
Problem solving is at the heart of any business and EI (https://www.eidesign.net) is building the framework necessary to help solve problems for its customers. The company is extending its existing Solution Architecting expertise through a world class Competency Lab that will focus on creating a unique framework to enhance learnability of courses. Additionally, it will offer services to determine and maximise ROI on eLearning.

“Our Solution Architecting is focused on defining a specific protocol to follow to help identify the problem clearly and then develop an efficient solution for our customers”, explains Asha Pandey, CMD of EI. “The primary focus of the new Competency Lab will be on developing a learner-centred design process based on quantitative and qualitative research to address the basic challenge in ensuring effective learning, that is, moving learners from acquisition to application of learning”, she adds.

The company already has a team of people dedicated to innovation and exploration who focus on research tools, technologies and trends. EI’s approach to address learner challenges is as multi-faceted as its customer base, with strategies including gamification, simulation and storytelling to name a few. The team is highly skilled with a sound understanding of Instructional Design, Visual Design, interaction design, user experience, web technologies, video editing and 3D design.

“We follow an Agile approach in our Solution Architecting initiative, from idea to concept development and design strategy to prototyping”, says Asha. “The Competency Lab ensures this approach is mapped to global user experience practices to make learning effective and on par with the level of quality that is expected. More than anything, the Competency Lab is about anticipating the needs of the learners”, she discloses.

The biggest challenge faced by solution providers is to understand learner goals and their impact on the business and take proactive measures to apply the understanding in the programs they build. The existence of the Competency Lab is based on this basic premise of establishing a framework that bridges the gap between learner and business goals to assess learnability and its impact on business on account of application of learning.

“Our ability to stay ahead of the curve is crucial when it comes to eLearning and mLearning solutions. We are constantly developing ways to improve our products, interpret our customers’ needs and make our presence felt in the industry. Establishing our brand is one thing but we plan to be in business for a very long time and for us that means constantly strengthening our business at the core”, affirms Asha.

Integral to this process is training staff internally so that they acquire the necessary skills to better their products by understanding the business and learner expectations. Also included is a plan to increase the level of knowledge and skills expected of new employees to make it possible for them to jump right into the process. It also involves putting in place robust frameworks that capture learner feedback and data and build workflows that subsequently become a part of the development plan.

EI is rebuilding that core through skilled hiring, internal staff training and achieving the necessary certifications to expand the ability of its employees to perform at optimal levels.

“Our customers are our pulse and we hope that these initiatives will help us cater to their demands more efficiently, every day”, summarises Asha.

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About EI

EI began in February 2002 as a small team of three and has come a long way since. The company is now capable of generating over 500 online learning hours in a year. The company’s employees have been the core of its success throughout the years and are experienced, passionate and committed to providing the best solutions to exceed the customers’ expectations every time.

Team EI’s positive and dynamic energy has proven to be contagious and attractive. Many of the company’s business relationships have continued through the decade and developed at every turn. This success in building unique learning solutions has led to the company’s consistent profitability throughout its existence.