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EI Celebrates Completion of 13 Successful Years

April 13, 2015 | By Asha Pandey


(Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Feb 13, 2015)
Celebrating successful moments imparts encouragement and pride among team members and EI never misses an opportunity to honour the value of such occasions. Feb 4th’15 marked the completion of EI’s successful tenure as a global learning solutions provider for 13 years. This annual day celebration code named “IGNITE 2015” was celebrated by the entire team on Feb 6th’15.

“Team members at EI made the day memorable by showcasing their exceptional talents in a variety of events on February 6, 2015,” commented one of the city’s most celebrated DJs.

The highlight of the day was the competition of short films conceived and produced by five teams. “We had 5 teams and the contribution of each individual was mandatory to the contest. With this, we ensured that all individuals got a chance to apply their expertise,” said Ketkee, the Sr HR Executive and one of the organisers of the event.

Asha Pandey, CMD of EI Private Limited, was a protagonist in one of the short films and was very vocal when asked about the experience. “While I enjoyed acting for a fiction, the most exciting parts were the moments when we conceived the ideas as well as the team collaboration in making the short movie. I am happy that the teams realise through such exercises that quality is not just about a result, but is weaved through the whole process.”

Rajendra and Somnath, who coordinated the event along with other team members, presented statistical data in terms of improvement in each individual’s performance on the job and presentation skills after the second successive year of participation in making short films. “We could also identify special skills in some team members which otherwise were not as evident on a routine work process,” said Chandrasekhar, who heads the exploration wing of the organisation.

“I was not sure if my schedule would permit me to be the chief guest and the judge of the competitions, however, I am pleased to see the enthusiasm and creativity of the team members,” said Ravi Chauhan, Managing Director for India at SAP (he is also on EI, Board).  He was excited to watch and evaluate the performances. “The outcomes of all the teams were very competitive and judging was not very easy. Dance was another competition event where the fusion of different dance forms was presented quite elegantly by two teams. Just as EI is different in their learning design solutions, the teams maintain their uniqueness in everything that they are involved in. I wish them the very best.”

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About EI

EI began in February 2002 as a small team of three and has come a long way since. The company is now capable of generating over 500 online learning hours in a year. The company’s employees have been the core of its success throughout the years and are experienced, passionate and committed to providing the best solutions to exceed the customers’ expectations every time.

Team EI’s positive and dynamic energy has proven to be contagious and attractive. Many of the company’s business relationships have continued through the decade and developed at every turn. This success in building unique learning solutions has led to the company’s consistent profitability throughout its existence.