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EI Announces Its Vision 2017

April 13, 2015 | By Asha Pandey


(Bangalore, Karnataka, India, March 06, 2015)
EI has a solid body of work beneath them (over 6000 hours of eLearning delivered) and now has big plans to make it grow over the next few years.

The Vision 2017 initiative is a concerted effort to solidify the company’s core values and secure its direction for the future. The initiative focuses on strengthening its core capability of immersive learning design; enhance the current solution offering to encompass learning and performance solutions; secure thought leadership in the global learning space; obtain CMMI L5 for Corporate Quality and finally, to develop EI as a preferred workplace.

“We continue to build on our core strength of immersive and engaging learning designs through our Innovation and solution architecting teams. Through our on-going research, we identify new focus areas on a quarterly basis,” says Asha Pandey, CMD of EI. “Our portfolio of offerings has grown as well.”

The company is giving itself a two-year timeline to make some impressive leaps and bounds. For instance, EI is currently on its way to obtain CMMI L3 level and is projecting to reach L5 status by the spring of 2017. There will also be an added focus on the marketing association with the goal of building the company’s visibility as experts in their fields.

Asha explains how the elevation of their CMMI certification is going to strengthen their team. “Using CMMI’s Organisational Training (OT) and Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as a baseline, we are strengthening ourselves in the areas of L&D for a stronger alignment to our business goals, talent management and clear growth plans for all team members, developing a new approach for hiring, inducting and getting new team members on board and building a solid rewards and recognition framework to help our talent retention initiatives.”

A key aspect of making this all work is focusing on the reorganisation of the team to promote and reflect the growth of key team members. This revamp will provide the key team members with new goals to focus on. Six of the company’s key employees will be at the heart of this reorganisation and will be taking on new roles with a lot more responsibility in line with Vision 2017, a change that Asha hopes will not only be rewarding but will serve as motivation for the rest of the team.

The Vision 2017 initiative may be putting a lot of pressure on EI and its team of dedicated employees but it’s nothing they haven’t faced before. With the roll out of countless learning modules underway, the team is fully prepared to do what’s necessary to reach their goals by 2017. This is a team that does some of its best work when expectations are high and the workload is under stiff deadlines.

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About EI

EI began in February 2002 as a small team of three and has come a long way since. The company is now capable of generating over 500 online learning hours in a year. The company’s employees have been the core of its success throughout the years and are experienced, passionate and committed to providing the best solutions to exceed the customers’ expectations every time.

Team EI’s positive and dynamic energy has proven to be contagious and attractive. Many of the company’s business relationships have continued through the decade and developed at every turn. This success in building unique learning solutions has led to the company’s consistent profitability throughout its existence.