61% of compliance training is delivered online.

– Karl Kapp


The usage of online trainings to offer Compliance trainings is an established practice. It enables an easy tracking, completion, and you can get an online self-attestation by the learners—just what the regulatory bodies require.

So, where is the problem?

Let’s look at the following pointers to find out.

  • When we take a prescriptive approach to offer Compliance training, we are not likely to bring in the required change.
  • Furthermore, unlike other trainings that appeal to the learners as they enable them to upskill or acquire a new skill, they have no intrinsic motivation when it comes to Compliance trainings.

The answer lies in adopting learning approaches that promote active learning, thinking, and lead to the desired action. View the Demo on our award-winning Compliance solution to gain a better perspective.


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How we can help you

We offer a wide range of learning strategies for you to craft active learning.

Go ahead and pick any one or a combination.

  • Partial Gamification.
  • Gamification.
  • Scenario Based Learning.
  • Storytorial or Story based narrative.

And that’s not all!

  • We provide learners with all the flexibility they need. They can take the training on the device of their choice and opt for the Mobile learning designs that offer multi-device support (the courses run seamlessly across desktops/laptops and tablets/smartphones).
  • Once the learners have completed their formal training, don’t forget to stay connected to them through Performance Support Tools (PSTs). Our repository of PSTs enables you to offer Microlearning-based nuggets in interesting formats (particularly suited for tablets and smartphones).

Here’s how!

  • You can use the Microlearning nuggets to supplement your primary training and reinforce the Compliance message.
  • You can use them prior to the training roll-out and create awareness on the Compliance training by emphasizing its significance to the organization and the learners.

We can also help you enhance the effectiveness of your training in the following ways:

  • Reviewing your current approach.
  • Providing recommendations on how to have an engaged audience.
  • Showcasing a range of learning strategies that you can pick from.
  • How to continue the learning journey with Performance Support intervention to reinforce the message.

Look at the Case Study on our award-winning Compliance solution for more information.

Case Study

To create the desired Compliance training strategy and ensure that your employees meet the Compliance mandate set out by your organization, get a free consultation from us.

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