Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is one of the most immersive learning strategies. See how our AR solutions can help your learners get engaged - way beyond what traditional learning methods can accomplish.


Augmented Reality is expected to acquire 1 billion users by 2020. By now 543 start-ups are listed in this category on Angelist. (NewGenApps)

What is the value that AR brings in corporate training?

An AR experience generates a composite view for the user – it combines the real scene viewed by the learner with a computer-generated virtual scene that augments it with additional information. AR covers a wide range of fields and its concepts can be used for any domain, subject, age group, or training program. It promotes ‘learn by doing’ and challenges learners to explore new points of view, driving intrinsic motivation and influencing behavior. It creates a safe training environment with simulations that allow potentially critical activities to be practiced without any negative impact.

How can EI help you leverage AR in your training strategy?

We offer 4 approaches to successfully integrate AR into your training strategy:

AR for Performance Support: Traditionally, employees are supported with job aids for tasks and functions seldom performed. Instead, AR aids can be placed on an equipment for such instances to provide employees with immediate guidance when required.

AR to enhance Blended Classroom Training: During classroom training, learners can use associated AR Mobile Apps to view job aids, worksheets, examples, and assignments using AR content in the classroom environment.

Gamified AR: AR and games are a perfect pair. In fact, many people were introduced to AR through gaming apps. You can use this approach to create immersive and engaging learning games. Instead of fictional characters, employees can interact with customers and objects they typically find in the workplace.

Real-world simulations with interactive objects: Real-world simulations are essentially immersive when developed in the right way. But you can make them even more engaging by adding clickable objects and hotspots. Realistic environments and situations are the basis of this learning activity. As such, you should integrate images, sounds, and processes that the learners can relate to.

Our AR solutions offer affordable learning – in the sense that learners just need mobile devices and AR apps to use AR concepts in learning without having to purchase expensive training materials.

Our AR Solutions for Learning, Application, Practice, and Reinforcement


High-risk eLearning Scenarios in real-time

AR is a powerful and lifesaving tool in the right hands. We can design it for medical practitioners who can practice complex procedures without endangering patients. Virtually, any industry that involves risk-taking can benefit from our AR scenarios. 


Immersive Stories

We weave in stories that draw online learners in and make them connect with the main character. Now imagine amplifying those emotions by putting online learners into the story through our AR solution!


Three-dimensional learning models

We create AR activities that give learners the ability to manipulate three-dimensional visualizations of images, charts, or diagrams. They can even interact with hotspots to learn more about the individual components.

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