eBook Using Gamification To
Drive Learner Engagement
And Performance

This eBook provides strategies and insights to help you use Gamification to drive serious learning, increase learner engagement, and improve performance.

Gamification for serious learning has made steady progress in the last few years and is being acknowledged as an effective approach for various types of corporate training. When thoughtfully designed, it offers an engaging learner experience that is action-oriented, aligned with learning goals, and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

The combination of challenges, rewards, and immersive learning in a gamified environment not only motivates learners but also enables them to enjoy the learning experience. Gamification is also an excellent way to deconstruct complex training content, help your learners develop new skills, and reinforce learning. Interactive and immersive environments created in game-based solutions also give the learner a chance to practice and apply their knowledge in realistic scenarios. The best part? A key advantage of utilizing Gamification platforms is their ability to offer robust data and analytics capabilities, empowering L&D teams to effectively track learner progress.

Download the eBook to gain valuable insights and strategies that will help you leverage Gamification to drive serious learning, boost learner engagement, and improve performance.

eBook Overview

  • Why you should leverage Gamification to drive serious learning​
  • How to get started with a Gamification strategy ​
  • What Gamification design techniques can be used to engage and energize your learners​
  • Strategies to use Game-based Learning to drive learner engagement and motivation

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