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The Microlearning Solution: Is Microlearning Right For You?

July 26, 2016 | By Asha Pandey


Is Microlearning right for you EI Design

In this article, I will outline why the microlearning solution is gaining momentum and how exactly you can use it. I will also share a checklist that you can use to evaluate if a given training would be the right fit for microlearning.

Is The Microlearning Solution Right For You?

A quick recap; what is microlearning? Slowly but surely, microlearning is moving from a buzz to being a significant component of an organization’s learning strategy. Microlearning is a short, focused learning nugget (often 3-5 mins long or shorter) that is designed to meet a specific learning outcome. The microlearning solution can be used to offer formal training, but it often finds a wider usage in informal training (with a focus on performance gain).

Typically designed and delivered in rich media formats, it is a learner-centric approach that provides just-in-time training that is available on multiple devices (extending to tablets and smartphones besides desktops and laptops).

Why Is Microlearning Gaining Momentum?

While there are several reasons for increased popularity of the microlearning solution, my top 6 reasons are listed here:

    1. Wider adoption of mLearning or mobile learning is stepping up the usage of microlearning.
    2. It is quick to develop and deploy. Additionally, it can be updated frequently and fairly easily.
    3. It can be used for both formal and informal learning.
    4. It offers higher completion rates and creates a higher impact (on both learning and its application on the job).
    5. It has an intrinsic ability to address the challenge of dwindling attention spans.
    6. It also has a natural alignment to millennial workforce (who are becoming a significant percentage of total learners).

Can Microlearning Be Applied To All Kinds Of Training?

Microlearning can be applied for various training needs (both formal and informal).

However, there are certain aspects that should be on your checklist to determine if a given training is apt for microlearning-based delivery.

Before sharing my checklist, let me showcase what is possible. We have created microlearning nuggets for varied training needs such as:

    1. Soft skills/behavioral change.
    2. Compliance.
    3. Professional skills.

I am sharing 5 examples on how you can use microlearning. To give you a sense of how the microlearning solution works, we have packaged these 5 examples into a microlearning nugget (in a short video format).

Is There A Checklist That Can Be Used To Determine If Microlearning Will Work?

As you analyze your training needs to determine what can be delivered through the microlearning solution, remember that this format is considerably different from the traditional eLearning format.

Hence, you need to evaluate the suitability at multiple stages (during TNA, pre-planning, development and deployment).

Here is my checklist that you can use at various stages:

Step 1: Learning Outcome And If Content Can Be Mapped Effectively To Microlearning Format

    1. Is the learning need specific and not too complex?
    2. Can the learning objective be met in one glance/short time?
    3. Can you filter out the redundant/unnecessary content and retain only the need to know information?

Step 2: Design And Development

    1. Have you decided on the medium/format to be used?
    2. Can the learning outcomes be achieved through the chosen format?
    3. Do you have rapid development measures in place to ensure that the microlearning nugget can be developed and updated quickly?

Step 3: Further Value-Adds

    1. Is your intended microlearning nugget searchable?
    2. Is your microlearning nugget contextual (providing the greater picture)?
    3. Does your microlearning nugget provide cross-references to the related microlearning nuggets?

I hope this article gives you an insight on how you can you use microlearning to enhance your current learning strategy. The checklist will certainly help you in making right choices and create effective microlearning in your organization. Do contact me if you have any queries.

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