Research Brief The Importance of
Emotional Intelligence
in the Age of AI

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries. While the productivity gains using AI in L&D are galore, it lacks the essential human quality to empathize, understand, and connect. Leveraging AI without incorporating learning approaches grounded in the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI) leads to unintended consequences. In this research brief, Brandon Hall Group delves into the growing importance of emotional intelligence in the era of AI.

This report captures how emotional intelligence fosters collaboration, effective leadership, adaptability, superior customer service, and ethical decision-making. As AI increasingly assumes routine and analytical tasks, the ‘softer’ skills of emotional intelligence, including empathy, communication, and motivation, are becoming indispensable for both L&D leaders and employees.

Download the research brief to learn more about how to leverage the power of AI to increase productivity, efficiency, and scale while ensuring your learning experiences are emotionally intelligent!

Research Brief Overview:

  1. Current state analysis of the modern workforce
  2. The paradox of emotional intelligence in the age of AI
  3. How AI can help improve your learning experience
  4. How AI changes the roles of learning professionals
  5. Integrating emotional intelligence to AI
  6. Frameworks to support your learning journey

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