eBook The Impact Equation: A Practical Guide to Measure and Demonstrate Training Impact

Dive into our eBook and learn how to effectively measure and demonstrate the impact of your training programs. Find out how to align your L&D goals with business needs and ensure performance outcomes that deliver remarkable results on your business KPIs.

Organizations spend a significant amount of time, effort, and money creating and delivering training. However, when it comes to demonstrating the impact of this investment, many fall short. The reasons are many—lack of alignment between the business and L&D, an imbalanced focus on learner outcomes and business metrics, limited L&D bandwidth or capability, lack of tools and technology, and so on.

In this eBook, we will show you how L&D teams can better align their goals with business needs to ensure that training is focused on outcomes and can positively impact the business. We’ll also introduce you to EI’s Learning Measurement Framework and other popular approaches.

eBook Overview:

  • Key challenges in evaluating training effectiveness and its impact.
  • How to re-orient your approach to training impact measurement by leveraging a 5-step approach.
  • Key models and EI’s methodology to measure training effectiveness and its impact.

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