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Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

April 27, 2020 | By Asha Pandey


Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic is emerging as a driver of sweeping change in the world around us. Even though the full impact of the pandemic on people, businesses, and the global economy is still unfolding, it is clear that we are headed toward a changed workplace and a changed world.

However, disruption (even at this unprecedented scale) cannot faze us, and Team EI is providing just-in-time support for L&D teams and business units.

  • At EI, we are committed to the well-being of our team and in ensuring seamless and uninterrupted business operations during these uncertain times.
  • Our 100% Remote Operations model, perfected over 18 years, puts us in a stronger position to support your business through the changed dynamics in the wake of this global pandemic.

Take a look at the measures we have put in place to respond to this crisis.


Safety First – The Well-being of Our Team

  • Between March 16th-23rd, we progressively moved our entire team from office to being able to work from home.
  • Fully remote work environment with 100% employees working out of the safety of their homes prior to the lockdown.
  • 24×7 internal tech support.
  • Ongoing access to data with servers up and running (with the same protocols for Information Security).

Business Next – Seamless Changeover to Remote Operations

Click the tabs below to learn how we are fully prepared to work remotely and support your business.

  1. All team members connect to our enterprise SVN server – only through secured VPN credentials to ensure that data is accessed only by authorized personnel.
  2. We use an operations management tool that helps track the productivity of employees, thereby making our teams work efficiently and with agility. This tool also enables the tracking of user activity every moment, which provides control to avoid any possible data breach.
  3. We use the Seqrite endpoint security to protect our network.
  4. We invested in a backup firewall to ensure business continuity and data security.
  5. We also have an option of virtual server using Azure cloud services, which will enable users to work virtually in case of a physical server breakdown.
  6. Every day, the data is automatically backed up to Azure cloud services.
  7. Commvault backups are in place for server and end user data protection.

We recognize the significant shift in workplace learning dynamics due to the present situation.

  • We have realigned our solution portfolio to address your pressing, current needs (Rapid development and transition of ILT to Virtual Training).
  • Our core offering of fully custom solutions continue to be aligned to the long-term goals of L&D teams and business units.
  1. Enhanced team communication and collaboration through unique tools and technologies aligned to 100% remote operations.
  2. Productive and consistent quality through tech-enabled remote workflow processes for design thinking, project management, QA, and reviews.
  3. Ongoing performance tracking for quality and timely deliveries.
  4. Skilled Team Leads deployed to manage remote teams.
  5. Periodic team check-ins for work planning and updates.
  6. Weekly company-wide town hall meetings.
  7. Complete tech support, available 24×7.

With agility at our core, we are fully prepared to combat the crisis and continue to provide consistent service levels, quality, and productivity during this period.

Thank you for your continued support to EI, as we see this through together. Stay safe!