Our Engagement Model

Customers are at the core of our engagement model. Everything that we do – right from the first call to that happy sign-off and beyond, customer delight is what we keep an eye on all the time.

Solution Architecting

It all begins with a consultation with senior stakeholders of our Solution Architecting team during the evaluation phase. The team is involved during the Learning Map, Course Strategy Document, Proto and Alpha stages as well so that innovation, quality and consistency in designs are not compromised.

The team:

Listens to you

Understanding your requirements, your expectations, the resources you’ve got and what is it that you’re aiming at

Provides consultation on the possible solutions

The team brainstorms on strategies and approaches and comes up with suggestions on what more can be done to spruce up your learning strategy

Proposes immersive learning designs

Bringing into play our expertise in creative Instructional Design

Showcases innovative strategies

With a thorough comprehension of the latest trends and technology, the team suggests immersive designs and experiences in terms of rich visuals (photographs or illustrations), innovative interactions and engaging Knowledge Checks and Assessments through Moodboards, Visual Storyboards and Prototypes

Lays down the product strategy

The Learning and Visual Architects are aligned to understand the project requirements and craft immersive courses

De-briefs to the development team

The baton is then passed on to a highly skilled Visual Designers, Illustrators and Programmers

Reviews based on user acceptance guidelines

The team reviews the product in terms of graphic clarity, readability and learnability

Comprises multi-disciplinary talent

Consisting of Instructional Design, Visual Design, Quality, Technology, Learnability and Usability experts

Builds avenues of collaboration

Between internal teams and clients/SMEs to streamline development and implementation

Helps you enhance learnability

The team has played a key role in creating and implementing our learnability framework and it suggests measures to enhance the learnability or learning effectiveness of your course

Account Management

Our Account Management team:

  • Establishes initial engagement with you
  • Sets up the business and review schedule
  • Acts as the focal point of contact between us and your organisation
  • Is available for meetings irrespective of time zone differences (via GoToMeeting, Conference Calls and Skype)

Project Execution Team

We have a strong Project Execution team that brings more than a decade’s experience to the table. We assign you a dedicated Senior Project Manager to address all you project-related communications, provide you with the required support and ensure there are no hiccups along the project’s journey.

We follow an AGILE project execution approach, which helps us:

  • Create efficient pre-planning documentation and development processes
  • Set quality standards (including acceptance criteria)
  • Create a quality plan
  • Define each product’s quality standard through a Design Pack comprising template designs

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