Nurturing Customer Relationships

Our customer retention rate stands at an enviable 83.4%. Now THAT tells you something. A lot of our relationships with customers began as one-off projects but they just kept getting better. And better. And better.

The reasons why customers love working with us? Well, there are many.

The trusted partner

Our financial stability, talent pool, proven processes and development methodology, scalability and strong Project and Account Management support inspires trust in our customers.

Truly consultative

Living up to our reputation of being a “consultative” partner, we get our team members to interact directly with customer SMEs and walk them through our approaches and artefacts.

Top notch quality

We are CMMI L3 certified (for corporate quality).

Conformance to processes

We’re a process driven-organisation and our stringent process conformance is there for customers to see.

AGILE practices

Our AGILE approach helps us follow the processes, specifications and pointers shared by our customers.

Conformance to best practices/guidelines

We create best practices/guidelines and follow them during the development and review phases.

The team

We align the right people for the requirement, each one of them focusing on the mantra of customer delight.

Innovation focus

Our sustained focus on innovation gets the best out of our teams internally and the focus extends to offering innovative value adds to our customers.

A mature development framework

The maturity of our development framework helps us deliver products in lesser turnaround times with the desired quality.

Seamless collaboration

We collaborate with our customers and teams around the world irrespective of time zone barriers.


Our constant quest for scalability has always won us admiration and trust from our customers.

That’s not all. We lay great emphasis on optimisation, standardisation and centralisation of our processes.

As part of this mandate, we use our eBridge tool to:

  • Track and manage the project in accordance with CMMi process steps
  • Communicate/collaborate with customers right through the project life cycle
  • Share LMs and templates with SMEs/reviewers for review and provide them the flexibility to drop in their feedback and comments using the tool
  • Provide a clear status of issues (open, closed, pending for discussions, clarifications and so on)
  • Analyse feedback from design, programming, audio, textual, global and other perspectives

In the days to come, we’ll give our customers more reasons to be delighted. Very soon, we’ll be rolling out our Course Builder tool, which will:

  • Allow our customers to view how the eventual course will look like screen by screen
  • Enable them to verify the content and the visuals to be used in the course
  • Have restrictions on the word count, thereby enabling us to share a content overview that’s as close as it can get to the eventual product
  • Facilitate them to provide their feedback instantly
  • Help reduce iterations and development time
  • Bring in greater transparency as SMEs will be able to get a clearer picture of how the learning experience is shaping up

You can count on us as a trusted Learning and Performance Support Solutions provider. Partner with us and feel the difference.


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