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New Look, Enhanced Solutions: Brand EI Just Got Better!

March 8, 2017 | By Asha Pandey


EI Design New Look, Enhanced Solutions Brand EI Design Just Got Better

2017 marks the 15th year of EI’s existence. While we have been successfully offering learning and performance solutions for the past decade and a half, we realise that with changing learner profiles, expectations and business dynamics, there is a need for organisations to transform their learning and adapt to the new dynamics while retaining focus on knowledge gain, retention, application of learning on the job and innovative Instructional and design strategies.

Not only have we enhanced our portfolio with trending and innovative approaches to help organisations meet this mandate of transforming their learning, we have undergone a transformation of our own with an invigorated spirit, a fresh look, a new website, new logo and a bag full of learning solutions mapping to the current trends!

What does then new logo signify?

The focus today in the learning sphere is shifting towards personalisation, innovation, simple yet effective solutions and a consultative approach towards crafting those solutions. This was the idea with which our new logo was conceptualised.

  • The speech bubble symbolises personalisation and the organisation’s human-centered approach towards crafting solutions.
  • The circle symbolises EI’s expertise and capability to provide a complete package of learning and performance support solutions, addressing all areas of the 70/20/10 model for learning.
  • The overlap of the two shapes has been designed to denote collaboration and agility, interfacing with various entities and the right mix of curiosity and simplicity.

New website

The mandate today for organisations is to transform learning and keep it alive, relevant and impactful for learners. We help them achieve this mandate and our new website reflects this positioning effectively.

For each of our solutions, we have highlighted the challenges that organisations are facing and how our solutions can help them offset these challenges and provide a better learning experience for learners. The website has been designed to provide answers to questions that organisations may have, without them having to speak to our Business Development team.

Our new website is a reflection of our learning transformation mandate and the consultative approach we take towards Solution Architecting. Besides being pleasant on the eye with a fresh look and feel, our new website is a one-stop destination for learning enthusiasts and customers alike to look for various learning and performance solutions.

It has been designed to address the queries that L&D professionals have in terms of their requirements and provides more than just a glimpse of the depth, range and quality of solutions that we have on offer with exclusive demos and case studies aligned to each of the solutions.

The last 15 years have been great for us and with a renewed focus and look, we’re looking forward to taking our value proposition and Solution Architecting to a whole new level.

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