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Learning Strategy: Learning Needs to Drive Organizational Performance

Download this Knowledgegraphic to get insights from the Brandon Hall Group survey, ‘Creating a Learning Strategy that Drives Performance’.

Traditionally, learning’s sole outcome within an organization has been the learning itself and how efficiently it is created and delivered. Learning strategies focus on how to stay in compliance and react to business leaders’ demands.

In fact, fewer than 25% of companies say their L&D strategy is effective or very effective at helping achieve business goals.

EI was a partner in the collection of data for Brandon Hall Group’s survey to uncover and solve the challenges that keep learning from being strategic and having a direct impact on individual and organizational outcomes.

Download this Knowledgegraphic to get insights from this survey and learn:

  • The current state of the effectiveness of L&D strategy in achieving business results.
  • The complexities and challenges with respect to aligning the L&D strategy toward achieving business goals.
  • The Brandon Hall Group perspectives and POV on aligning the L&D strategy toward business results and 5 ways to improve the learning strategy.

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