eBook How to Leverage Microlearning to Drive Continuous Learning and Performance in the Hybrid Workplace

This eBook shares strategies on how Microlearning can drive continuous learning, offset hybrid workplace challenges, and improve learning acquisition, practice, and application. This results in the desired performance gain and value for business.

Studies show that a culture of continuous learning in the workplace creates huge advantages for organizations. Today, companies seek to hire employees who know how to learn and find appropriate solutions to challenges. They feel that employees who have a thirst for knowledge and learning are the most creative and innovative. Companies who recruit, retain, and foster talent based on this focus do significantly better than those who don’t.

To achieve the mandate of continuous learning and create a culture that supports it, organizations must have Learning and Performance Ecosystems in place. These ecosystems can improve employee learning habits and drive continuous learning in the workplace.

The concept of Microlearning can function as a great catalyst in this situation.

In this eBook, I show you how exactly you can use Microlearning to sustain continuous learning – for formal, informal, and just-in-time learning. Specifically, I outline how you can use Microlearning to successfully offset the challenges of the hybrid workplace (notably, learner disconnect with training or lack of engagement during learning) and build high-performing teams that learn on the go and continuously invest on learning, practice, and application.

eBook Overview:

  • How to Build Employee Learning Habits and Drive Continuous Learning with Microlearning?
  • What Microlearning Strategies Help Promote Learning in the Flow of Work?
  • How Do You Offset the Forgetting Curve in Training Programs with Microlearning?
  • How Can Microlearning Boost Learner Engagement and Performance?

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