eBook Hooked on Learning - How to Drive Learner Engagement with Video-Based Learning

This eBook showcases how incorporating a video-based learning format to your Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives would help drive learner engagement through the roof. What’s more? We have added 20 compelling strategies and 25 killer examples to get you started.

Modern learners are very particular about how they want to access information. They want flexible, on-the-go, bite-sized, and focused training that facilitates problem-solving. They also expect engaging and immersive formats that help them learn, practice, or solve a challenge.

Video-Based Learning provides a great way to create immersive learning experiences using various strategies such as mLearning, Microlearning, Gamification, and Scenario-Based Learning. They increase learning awareness, interest, and engagement and result in higher course completion rates compared to courses that don’t use these tools. Additionally, they facilitate better knowledge retention and transfer of on-the-job skills, resulting in increased revenue and ROI for organizations.

Get this eBook to learn more about how Video-Based Learning can promote a culture of empowerment, innovation, and purpose in organizations, making it a great fit for this new training paradigm.

eBook Overview:

  • Why you should leverage Video-Based Learning​
  • Five video-based learning strategies to keep your digital learners hooked
  • Six high-impact online training video strategies
  • How to multiply the impact of videos in training by leveraging a learning and performance ecosystem
  • 25 examples of Video-Based Learning

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