eBook Going from Learning to Earning: How to Measure the Impact of Learning

L&D efforts often focus on learning objectives without adequately measuring their direct impact on business performance. The root of this challenge lies in a disconnect between L&D goals and business priorities, a tendency to prioritize learner outcomes over business metrics, limited L&D resources, and a lack of proper tools and technology.

The ability to correlate learning outcomes with organizational performance offers a significant competitive advantage. This strategy brief, presented by Brandon Hall Group in partnership with EI Powered by MPS, provides valuable insights and practical strategies for aligning learning initiatives with tangible business outcomes.

Strategy Brief Highlights:

  • Current state analysis of challenges faced by organizations in measuring the impact of learning programs.
  • Key considerations for better linking the impact of the learning function to business outcomes.
  • Brandon Hall Group’s POV on creating a strategy to successfully align learning with business results.

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