eBook Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Learning - The What, Why, and How

This eBook showcases how to use emotional intelligence as a common thread in designing learner-centered approaches to training that drive deeper employee engagement and better workplace performance.

Under constant pressure to reinvent their organizations, businesses and L&D leaders constantly push for rapid upskilling/reskilling of their workforces—at all costs—further dashing hopes to improve learning experience opportunities for their staff. Humanized learning experiences can open a world of deeply engaged and better-performing employees.

Just as the way we have been working has evolved, so too has the emotional aspect of work gained the center stage in our professional lives. The hybrid workplace has changed the way jobs are performed, with many talented individuals no longer interested in 8-5 jobs. For them, flexibility, respect, learning, and career development are more important than the time at the office.

It is therefore important to have an emotionally intelligent approach to workplace policies, including L&D strategies, to increase retention, reduce recruitment costs, and create a culture that makes employees want to perform well and identify more closely with the organization.

This eBook showcases how you can leverage a learner-centered design approach and emotional intelligence to design learning solutions that drive deeper employee engagement and better workplace performance.

eBook Overview:

  • Why should L&D focus on employee experience.
  • A guide to adopting a learner-centered design approach for your learning programs.
  • How to develop emotional intelligence in your learning programs.
  • How to leverage emotional intelligence to humanize and improve learning experience.

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