Why You Should Adopt Social Learning

Get insights on how Social Learning helps foster collaboration, enhance existing learning strategies, and step up the overall learning experience.

In this eBook, we have addressed the questions you may have as L&D professionals on how to integrate a trend like Social Learning meaningfully in your training delivery.

The structure of this eBook typically covers the three pertinent perspectives – What, Why and How through our articles that explain:

  • What? De-mystify the new concepts.
  • Why? Outline their relevance and why you should adopt them.
  • How? Show how they can be used in your organisation.

These insights will certainly help you uplift your learning strategy by incorporating collaborative learning in your organisation.

eBook Overview

  1. What Is Social Learning And How Can You Use It To Foster Collaborative Learning

    Get insights about the concept of Social Learning, its benefits, how it can be used meaningfully in an organization to enhance collaborative learning, and some best practices that you can use.

  2. Why You Should Adopt Social Learning

    Get to know how Social Learning benefits learners as well as businesses and a comprehensive understanding of its background (through two theories).

  3. How Can Social Learning Spice Up Your Existing Learning Strategy?

    Get insights on how you can apply Social Learning in your organization, the value this will create, and the quantifiable gains that your organization will see by fostering collaborative learning.

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