Why You Should Adopt Microlearning Based Training

Get insights on how you can use the “less is more” approach to train your workforce and create effective sticky learning that can convert a forgetting curve into a retention curve.

In this eBook, I have addressed the questions you may have as L&D professionals on how to integrate a new trend like Microlearning meaningfully in your training delivery.

The structure of this eBook typically covers the three pertinent perspectives – What, Why and How through my articles that explain:

  • What? De-mystify the new concepts
  • Why? Outline their relevance and why you should adopt them
  • How? Show examples and case studies to help you understand how they can be used in your organization

These insights will help you define your learning strategy (design and delivery) and identify measures to enhance it.

eBook Overview

  1. 10 Benefits Of Microlearning Based Training

    Get an understanding on what Microlearning is, why it is in the news, and how it benefits the learners and businesses.

  2. Killer Examples: How To Use Microlearning Based Training Effectively

    Get a comprehensive view of how you can use Microlearning for varied needs through 5 examples.

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