What Is Gamification And How Can It Enhance Corporate Training

Get insights on the concept of Gamification, the benefits it offers for corporate training, whether it truly helps learners, whether it can demonstrate a clear gain for business, and how you can use it in your organization for varied training needs.

As part of innovative learning strategies that create sticky learning, we had established our Gamification practice (for serious learning) over three years ago. During this journey, we realised that while several organisations the world over are making an attempt to embrace Gamification into their Learning strategies, they have several questions about it.

To provide answers to these questions and provide clear pointers on how you can use Gamification to enhance your corporate training, we have created an eBook series Gamification for Corporate Training: Upping the Engagement Score. This eBook addresses the basic questions you may have as L&D professionals on how to integrate Gamification meaningfully in your training delivery and outlines three important perspectives of Gamification for serious learning:

  • What is Gamification and what benefits does it offer for corporate training?
  • Does it truly help learners and can it demonstrate a clear gain for business?
  • Can Gamification be used in your organisation for varied training needs?

These insights will certainly help you uplift your learning strategy by incorporating Gamification
based learning in your organisation.

eBook Overview

  1. Top 6 Benefits Of Gamification

    Get a comprehensive view of the top 6 benefits of Gamification besides insights on the basics of Gamification, its efficacy, whether it truly helps learners learn, and how it can enhance learning.

  2. 6 Killer Examples Of Gamification In eLearning

    Get insights on how exactly Gamification can be applied to meet diverse training needs in any organisation in the form of 6 examples ranging from complete Gamification as well as partial Gamification approaches.

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