Virtual Training Guide – How To Future-Proof Your Virtual Training Transformation

This eBook is designed as a virtual training guide for your Virtual Training Transformation endeavor—packed with tips, best practices, and ideas you can use.

From a temporary arrangement to offer Work From Home (WFH) for the employees, organizations are now realigning their approach to factor for WFH as a long-term approach. The workplace of the future will need to have this flexibility and agility to dynamically align the workforce to the changing situation.

With remote working, the associated aspect of what strategies should be adopted for effective remote learning comes in. Given the fact that classroom-based training may not be feasible for the near future, how should this be flipped efficiently into a remote mode that offers the same value? The answer lies in adopting Virtual Training.

eBook Overview:

Section 1 – Embarking on Virtual Training Transformation

In the shadow of the pandemic, organizations are moving toward the model of not only working from home but effective approaches of learning from home. In this endeavor, Virtual Training is the only approach.

In this section, I begin with Virtual Training’s definition and benefits. It then outlines the key approaches to deliver highly impactful Virtual Training. I wrap up this section with tips you can use to transform classroom/ILT to Virtual Trainings.

Section 2 – Engaging Remote Learners

One of the biggest challenges that you face as you move from classroom/ILT to Virtual Training mode is keeping the remote learners engaged.

In this section, I first identify these challenges and then share tips and strategies you can use to engage your remote learners.

Section 3 – Adopting Virtual Training Best Practices

To succeed in your Virtual Training Transformation, there are several best practices that you can use.

In this section, I share best practices as you transition from classroom/ILT to a Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) mode, a Blended mode, or a Fully Self-paced/Online (eLearning/Mobile Learning) mode.

Section 4 – Creating Immersive Virtual Learning Experience

The COVID-19 crisis leading to changed workplace dynamics and remote learning makes delivering immersive Virtual Learning experiences even more imperative.

In this section, I begin with the definition and benefits that immersive Virtual Learning offers. Then, I share several tips and strategies you can use to create immersive Virtual Learning experiences.

Section 5 – Creating Learning Journeys from a Distance

The challenge of learning remotely, while working from home – dealing with distractions and uncertainly, is a tough one.

In this section, I share an approach that will help you engage your learners through our unique Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based model. This also ensures that a journey of continuous learning is established irrespective of the distance.

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