Video-Based Learning For Corporate Training—14 Examples—Including Interactive & Microlearning Videos

This eBook is a guide for organizations to narrow down their options from a wide spectrum of Video-Based Learning offerings for eLearning.

There is an acceleration in the adoption of Video Based Learning on account of:

  • Videos are a high-impact medium, and an extension of Video Based Learning creates an engaging learning experience with high recall and retention. Therefore, they are a popular choice with learners of all profiles (including millennials).
  • With the wider usage of Mobile Learning and Microlearning, the usage of videos for in eLearning (or Video Based Learning) too is on the increase.
  • Now, Video Based Learning is leveraging on Microlearning based techniques leading to the extensive adoption of Microlearning Videos.

In this eBook, we provide insights on how you can use Video Based Learning effectively for corporate training. I specifically touch upon what Microlearning Videos are and how you can leverage on them to create high-impact training.

eBook Overview

  1. Section 1 – Introduction to Video-Based Learning for Corporate Training

    1. What is driving the wider usage of Video-Based Learning?
    2. Are there any challenges associated with Video-Based Learning, and how can they be offset?
    3. What are the diverse formats that can be used to offer Video-Based Learning? (Features 8 examples)

  2. Section 2 – Introduction to Microlearning Videos for Corporate Training

    1. What are Microlearning Videos, and how can you use them in corporate training?
    2. Why is there a sudden buzz on Microlearning Videos?
    3. Why should you invest in Microlearning Videos?
    4. What are the key benefits of using Microlearning Videos?
    5. What are the tips and best practices you should incorporate as you create Microlearning Videos?
    6. What are the diverse formats that can be used to offer Microlearning Videos for corporate training? (Features 6 examples)

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