Elevating Remote Learning Programs Trilogy

Get this 3 part eBook series for insights on how to plan, strategize, and deliver effective training programs for your remote workforce in 2021.

In this eBook trilogy, we share our experience in 2020 of having helped organizations and L&D teams around the world successfully adopt remote workforce trainings.

The strategies and insights covered in these eBooks will help you elevate your remote learning programs by driving employee performance and see improved business outcomes.

This comprehensive 3-part series covers:

  • Planning and strategizing remote training programs.
  • Creating immersive learning experiences for your learners.
  • Supporting Formal Training with Informal Learning opportunities.
More about the eBooks:

eBook 1: How to Plan and Strategize Successful Remote Employee Training Programs in 2021
2021 is the year to create a sustainable, long-term approach for your L&D strategy that is effectively aligned to the new normal. This eBook offers insights you can use as you plan and strategize training and development programs for your remote workforce in 2021.

eBook 2: How to Engage Your Learners in the Remote Workplace Through Immersive Learning Strategies
Immersive learning approaches not only help you engage your remote learners but also create learning experiences that are sticky and ensure that higher level goals like application of learning or change in thinking and behavior are met. This eBook will show you how to deliver immersive learning experiences to engage learners in the remote workplace.

eBook 3: How to Drive Continuous Learning Outside the Formal Training Environment
A large percentage of L&D investments on training is spent on Formal Training. However, employees continue to learn on their own (Informal Learning) and they hardly turn toward Formal Training for learning opportunities. This eBook explains how you can create a connected learning solution that supports Formal Training with Informal Learning opportunities.

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