ROI On Training – How Can You Measure It And Maximise It

Get answers to questions on justifying your training spend and ways to measure and maximize your ROI on training.

As L&D professionals, you experience the twin burden of first securing the budgets for your online trainings and the need to justify their impact. Return On Investment on online training is a tricky subject and there aren’t many easy to use guides to measure and maximise it.

In this eBook, we have addressed the questions you may have in this regard. We have used our practical experience to create a step-by-step approach that you can apply easily in your organisation.

eBook Overview

  1. How To Measure The ROI Of Online Training?

    Obtain insights on the benefits that eLearning offers, what ROI is, how you can measure it, and the ROI methodology you can use.

  2. 6 Tips To Maximise The ROI Of Your Online Training

    Get wiser on maximizing the ROI of your training initiatives with 6 useful tips.

  3. Improve ROI Of Your eLearning Solution Through Performance Support Tools

    Know how you can use Performance Support Tools to enhance the learning experience of your training and your ROI.

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