DEI Training eBook eBook Reimagining DEI
Training for the
Hybrid Workplace

Strategies to Improve Diversity and Inclusion to Build an Equitable Workplace

This eBook shares strategies and insights that will help you shift mindsets, overcome biases, and drive behavior change by leveraging a Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based approach for DEI training.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion make for a better workplace. But, training a hybrid workforce on the subtleties of diversity, equity, and inclusion can be challenging. Because their DEI training doesn’t produce the required mindset shift, many organizations find making such training an uphill task to undertake.

In a hybrid workplace, the best way to foster DEI is by creating a learning and performance ecosystem by connecting people and supporting them with a broad range of content, processes, and technologies to encourage diversity and inclusiveness.

In contrast to conventional or event-based DEI training, the DEI Learning and Performance Ecosystem holds the key to fostering employee engagement. This approach (building awareness, implementing the strategy, assessing the outcomes, and revising the model if required) is critical in achieving organizational goals of shifting mindsets, overcoming biases, and driving behavior change across the organization.

So, what are the key aspects you should consider while leveraging a DEI Learning and Performance Ecosystem?

In this eBook, we share strategies that will help you shift mindsets, overcome biases, and drive behavior change by leveraging a learning and performance ecosystem-based approach for DEI training.

eBook Overview:

  • What Are the Challenges of Traditional DEI Training Programs?
  • Why Must You Reimagine Your DEI Training Programs Now?
  • How Do You Leverage a Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based Approach for DEI Training?
  • What Strategies Should You Adopt for Delivering Effective DEI Training Programs?
  • Why Does Psychological Safety Matter in the Workplace Now, and How Does It Improve DEI?

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