Practical Approaches To Determine The ROI Of eLearning – Using Kirkpatrick’s Model Of Training Evaluation

This eBook focuses on providing practical approaches and tips for organizations to measure the effectiveness of their online training.

Measuring the effectiveness of online training is a hot topic right now. However, there are limited pointers on how this can be done practically. This eBook provides practical approaches and tips that you can use as you begin the exercise to measure the effectiveness of online training leading to the ROI on your training spend.

The eBook showcases EI’s integrated approach with a focus on what is the right action at each stage that will impact the ROI of eLearning positively. This begins with the Training Needs Analysis or TNA phase and successively builds right up to the determination of its impact on business. The approach uses Kirkpatrick’s model of training evaluation and Kirkpatrick–Phillips evaluation model of training to measure the training effectiveness and arrive at the ROI.

The eBook provides insights, practical approaches, and tips that will help organizations in determining and maximizing their ROI on eLearning.

NOTE: In this updated release, we share a Case Study that uses the practical approaches and tips outlined in the eBook. It demonstrates how these can help you improve and maximize your ROI.

eBook Overview

  1. Section 1

    What is Return on Investment (ROI) on corporate training?

  2. Section 2

    – What ROI methodology can you use?
    – What is Kirkpatrick’s model of training evaluation?
    – What is Kirkpatrick–Phillips evaluation model of training?

  3. Section 3

    How can you practically use these models of training evaluation and determine the ROI?

  4. Section 4

    What are the tips that can be used to maximize the ROI?

  5. Section 5

    Case Study

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